10 Reasons to Fire Your Nanny

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One of the most complex decisions a parent can make is choosing a nanny and putting your child into someone’s care that you barely know. You cross your fingers that the nanny is going to be a perfect fit — a Mary Poppins clone. However, things may not turn out as you had intended, and you are forced into the difficult decision of letting her go. Your decision meets constant worries, and you’re more than scared to have regrets later on.

The following are signs that your nanny has to stop working for you.


When you get information from your neighbours, most of it tends to be true. You may discover that your nanny is bringing her friends without informing you. It is good to ask your children how their day was, and you may inadvertently learn something odd (or not) about your nanny. When a nanny brings her friends to your house without telling you, most likely, there may be other things she may be doing in your home without your knowledge. The nanny should share critical information on how the child’s day was. Trust and openness are needed in the parent-nanny relationships. Keeping secrets does not promote a healthy relationship, and there is no need to tolerate such a person to start with.

Separation anxiety

At first, your child may cry when left alone with the nanny. It could be due to anxiety. But if this continues over time with the child showing fear and being withdrawn in the nanny’s presence, let that be a red flag that not all is well, and some investigation ought to be done. If your state allows, the parent should install a ‘nanny cam’ in the house.

Chaos in the house

Coming home from a tiring job only to end up in a house full of mess, means that the nanny is not undertaking her chores well. A nanny helps you unburden yourself, but that does not imply coming home to correct many wrongs. It will thus be of no use trying to hold on to that kind of relationship.


Are your valuables disappearing from your house and not turning up? Then it’s apparent that there is a thief in your home. It could be your nanny if the valuables are missing when your nanny’s time is over. The nanny should then not be allowed in your house before she takes anything else afterward.

Hooked on to electronics

Do you come home to find the television on, or is your nanny constantly on the phone? Children need to be nurtured with the adults’ eyes squarely on them. Taking your eyes off the child for just a short time may at times result in a tragedy. When you notice that most of your nanny’s time on electronics supersedes that of your child, you should prepare to fire her.

An unkempt and dirty child

If it has become a norm to find your child with dirty fingers and face, then it is a sign that your nanny is neglecting your child and job. A good nanny will clean the child’s hands and face after eating or outdoor play. The diaper should be changed when messed and, if need be, the child is given a proper bath. A nanny who cannot perform such basic nanny tasks should not be taking care of your child. Period.

Change in behaviour

A parent who notices a change in the child’s behaviour should act immediately. Such changes, albeit minor at times, may include having night terrors, becoming too clingy, or starting to wet the bed. If your children are old enough to communicate, ask them how their day was while assuring them that all is well. You may be forced to install a ‘nanny cam’ to investigate what transpires when you are not around.

Tired all the time

A nanny should be fit and have lots of stamina to do her work diligently. She should have lots of energy to run after the child during playtime and move around while working. One who keeps complaining of exhaustion won’t provide the expected amount of care and work. She is likely to be less engaging to your child. The parent should fire such a nanny immediately.


If you notice that your child keeps getting severe injuries all the time, then that is another sign of nanny trouble. Either your child is not well supervised, or there may be some physical abuse involved. The matter becomes graver if the nanny tries to hide the injuries or not report the accident cases to you. This matter should not be taken for granted and, if need be, have a ‘nanny cam’ installed. Such a nanny should not be allowed to take care of your child.


Arrival and departure times should be discussed and agreed upon on the vetting day. A nanny who calls out frequently, keeps coming late, and doesn’t turn up at work may jeopardize your career plans. It shows that the nanny is not committed to her work and is insensitive to the parent’s needs. The parent should then cut ties immediately with the unreliable nanny.

Firing your nanny can be a difficult situation but one of the best decisions you’d have made. However, before firing her, seek an audience with her. Let the nanny know your reasons for firing her. She will leave knowing where she went wrong.



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